2013-2014: NOVA Robotics


History – NOVA Robotics Team2013-2014

Northern Virginia Community College’s NOVA Robotics Team, NOVA1; competed at the Anaheim, California World Championship robotic competition in the Spring of 2014.

The team, brought back the VEXU World Championship award for the Design Award.

The Design award, is the second most prestigious award given out at the University level of competition, which requires the team to..

– Create an Engineering notebook, which is a clear, complete document of the team’s design and build process.

– Explain their design and strategy throughout the season.

– Demonstrate personnel, time and resource management throughout the season.

– Showcase Teamwork and Interview quality.

NOVA Robotics is based at NOVA’s Woodbridge Campus but open to all NOVA students.

NOVA Robotics is an outgrowth of SySTEMic Solutions – NOVA’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach program.

Officers – NOVA Robotics Team2013-2014

The Officers during the VEXU (University) game “Toss Up” consisted of 5 students from Northern Virginia Community College, along with one student from George Mason University. The team qualified for a slot at the VEXU World Championships held at Anaheim, California.

President: Nick Reeves – NVCC

Inventor of 15″ – “Safety Fist” – 2013/2014

Vice President: Matthew Rheinstein – GMU

Inventor of 24″ – “Lemongrab” – 2013/2014

Secretary: Jason Sanchez – NVCC

Keeper of the Engineering Notebook – 2013/2014

Treasurer: Justin Dommer – NVCC

Organizational Officer: Amir Kondolyj – NVCC

The 2013, 2014 VEXU Robotics season was made of two teams.



Comprised of hard core students who have previous years of VEX Robotics experience under their belts and are eager to compete on the college level.
On top of normal team duties (such as volunteering, notebook, etc.) they are also charged with mentoring NOVA2, to share all of their knowledge and experience.

Meet Team1


Comprises of students who are either new to robotics or are new to VEX. These students are eager to learn and compete.
They learn through building square bots first then starting to design their own robot for the game challenge.
Students also learn through volunteering events, and through consulting with NOVA1 when they come across serious obstacles.

Meet Team2