Before the Event:

Preparing before the event


1)      Read through the rules thoroughly:

◦     It is highly important you are familiar with the rules.

◦     This allows your team to not be dequeued from matches.

▪     This also makes your team look good when in matches judges are watching.



2)      Read through the award judging criteria, and be familiar with what judges will be looking for

◦     If you are not aware of the judged awards, how can you prepare for them.



3)      Choose 1 or 2 awards that you feel your team can be successful on

◦     At most competitions, there are only a handful of awards if you try for them all, chances are you wont get a single one.

◦     By focusing your effort on award, and talking about it to the judges, this will make your chances for that one award shine.



4)      Practice with your coach, mentor and other adults

◦     Most people are horrible at public speaking in front of strangers.

▪     It is scary.

▪     Maybe you are shy.

▪     Its in front of people you don’t know and are not comfortable with.

◦     The more you practice speaking in front of others, the better you will get at it, and less intimidating it will feel.



5)      Practice good behavior while at robotics meetings

◦     The way you act, behave, and talk at robotics meetings is the way you will be at competitions.

▪     Competitions are stressful, and good behavior can disappear under stress.

▪     The more you practice the way you want to act, behave, and talk at meetings, the stronger and more natural it becomes, and less likely to disappear under stress.

◦     Train as if you are competing!



6)      Engineering Notebook

◦     This is a huge award, and can qualify your team for VEX Worlds.

◦     You need an engineering notebook

◦     More detail in the engineering notebook section


Onwards to the next event phase.