Educational Robotics for Absolute Beginners.

Rowan University Laboratory for Educational Robotics [ R.U.L.E.R. ] has a free open course CS4HS program for teachers interested in getting their school/university into robotics.

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This coursework consists of 5 weeks of online free educational beginner programming lessons and hardware lessons.


  • The course focuses on FLL, or Lego Robotics.
    • Wide Popularity
    • Simplicity of Lego NXT Software
    • Command your robot to drive forward by moving around ‘Block Programming’


  • Free and Open to anyone interested in robotics
    • For Teachers K-12.
    • For Educators.
    • For Students.
    • This is for you too, mom and dad.


  • Why Robotics ?
    • Teachers who complete all courses will achieve a certificate of completion from a colleague.
    • Help your school with STEM!
    • Help your K-12 Students learn about Teamwork, and start to get hands-on experience in STEM fields with real robots!
    • Help promote your school with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


  • How Long should this take?
    • Progress is up to each individual educator/teacher.
    • Roughly 4-6 hours each week.
    • Worth every minute for your school !
    • Online Youtube tutorials available for Home/Mobile Access.


The online workshop was developed specifically for K-12 Teachers, but can also be used by Students or Parents. (Must have GMAIL account)