Our Robotics Team not only volunteers at robotics competitions and other STEM events on the weekends, they take the time out of their week days to go out to local schools and mentor their robotics teams. Offering personal experience in competition, preparation, strategizing, and building their robots.


Andrew Bender mentors Woodbridge Senior High School Robotics Team 1575.

Oscar McCullough mentors Triangle Robotics VEX IQ 3615, FIRST Robotics teams SuperNOVA Robotics Team 4472, Graham Park Middle School Robotics Team 1478.

Mark Moore mentors Pennington Middle School Robotics Team 718 A through E.

Nick Reeves mentors Beville Middle School Robotics Teams 1214 A through F, and Gar-Feild Senior High School VEX teams 154 B, C, D, and FIRST Tech Challenge Team 33.

Matt Rheinstein mentors Woodbridge Senior High School Robotics Team 1575, and their FIRST Robotcs Challenge Team 4472.


Other Teaching resources that we utilize when teaching beginner students and coaches.

  1. Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
  2. Coaches Training
  3. Competition Prep
  4. Educational Robotics for Absolute Beginners
  5. Engineering Notebook
  6. NOVA Faculty Presentation 2014